Monday, November 3, 2014

November already?

I really can't believe it's November already...2014 has flown by, too fast that I didn't even write for a lot of the year.
SO...let's do a picture recap, seeing I didn't do one earlier.

 Rick and I on our getaway at the beginning of the year
 Snuggling with my babies
 Last photo while we were in Colorado
 As soon as the water was warm...we were swimming in the pool
 I try to take as many "selfies" with my kiddos
 Having fun at the beach!!!
 WHAT? Baby #3 is coming in Feb
 Got to see my brother get married to my new sister-in-love
 Up in my Grandparents farm. Zeke LOVED the tractor
 Watching the fireworks with the nephews
 Celebrating my wonderful grandparents!!!

 The kids playin at Beulah Beach!!! Just like I used to with their moms. (my sisters(
 On Lake Erie
 We are back in the Ocean....where the water is warm and has dolphins
 DATE night with hubby and Blake Shelton
Took my daddy to the Browns/Jaguars game...too bad they lost. (hubby came too!)

SO there is some of the recap...I'll be back to share more!

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