Saturday, December 13, 2008

The start of my journey...

The journey being my steady time with my heavenly father. Since my post on the 9th...I have been able to go through a chapter of Proverbs. I have been able to hear God and understand what he wants me to go from here. I know it takes a LONG time before a great habit can be formed but I am willing to work hard on it and continue to build upon it.
So just to give you a Spiritual update...I am doing a chapter of Proverbs a day. Once the new year happens I am going to be reading more (I am not sure how that will look yet) But I will keep you updated. Now the key would be to keep it up during the holiday season when I am around my family and away from the "schedule" that I have helped built for Z.
Now on to a family update...We leave in 8 days (on Sunday) for Deltona Florida. My parents are down there and we can't wait. We hope to possibly meet with Rick's sister and our sweet niece Taylor. But all of my siblings will be there for Christmas. Then we will be there for 8 days and head back to cold Iowa. Rick's parents will actually be here and we will spend the New Year's with them. Little Z is changing and growing so fast. It is a real joy to be a mom! For the past couple nights our little man has fallen asleep on his own! Of course he has a full tummy and a clean diaper. He usually cries a little but he falls asleep! We are so blessed by this. It has given Rick and me some "couple time" and that is a blessing! Rick has one more week of Fall semester, of his 2nd year of Medical School. There is A LOT of things going to be going on during the month of January...please pray for us and God to guide us to what will happen next, if you want details just let me know, and stay tuned for more info!
NOW on to bed because there is a full day tomorrow with a Ladies Brunch, laundry to do, presents to wrap, a wonderful husband and baby to take care, and lots of tea from my favorite place GongFu Tea.
Below is Z's first bath with lots of water in the tub. Isn't he such a cutie...


  1. He is a cutie! Great picture.

  2. Aw! What a sweetie! Good for you for trying to spend more time in the Word. I'm trying to do that, too, it's just so important, eh? We are planning on spending Christmas out in B.C. Canada with the parents and I'm so excited, too! Hope you have a wonderful time in Florida!

  3. adorable!!!! have a great week!


  4. Hi Katrina! I hopped on over to that blog you told me about and entered our names... hopefully we win! : )


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