About Me...

My name is Katrina and this is about me :)
I'm a daughter to some WONDERFUL earthly parents and a WONDERFUL God,
I'm a wife to an amazing husband, father & medical student,
I'm a mom to a brilliant boy (2 yrs) & a beautiful girl (under 1 yr),
I'm pretty good at taking pictures,
I'm always looking for a good book to read,
I'm usually never without my yarn, needles & patterns,
I'm trying to eat healthy (aka loose the baby weight) so I'm always trying new recipes,
I'm trying to read the Bible with purpose in this next year,
I love being outside,
I love wearing my chacos (wonderful sandals) when the weather permits,
I love drinking loose leaf tea,
I was born in Virginia, raised in Ohio, currently live in Florida BUT call Colorado HOME,
I love baseball and most other sports,
I love going camping (but wishes kids didn't get up so early),
I love to read other blogs, 
I like to write blogs (and hope that you enjoy your time here!)
I LOVE comments so please do share your thoughts with me,
& a lot more (that I can't think of right now)