My Family...

My Husband (Rick) is...
a Colorado native, 
a Doctor (he's in Residency right now), 
a Graduate from Des Moines University,
a guitar player,
a poet,
a Godly man,
my perfect other half,
pretty handy around the house,
a hands on dad,
a Denver Bronco fan,
pretty good at technology stuff,
and a lot of other stuff... 
My son, Ezekiel (Zeke) is a 4 years old little boy who...
loves cars,
loves balls,
LOVES musical instruments, 
loves Chuggington; the show & his train set,
has a great laugh,
loves watching Cars & Finding Nemo,
loves animals and going to Zoos & Aquariums,
is in constant need of a hair cut,
is named after his grandpa (middle name #1),
is named after his grandma (middle name #2),
is a gentle, big brother,
has energy at almost ALL hours,
and is loved by all who meet him! 
(But I might be biased on some of these)

 My daughter, Aspen is 2 and a half years old is...
a smiley little girl,
a little girl who loves her mommy (which is hard and nice at the same time),
named after the beautiful Aspen trees & their leaves,
named after her grandmother (my mom) (middle name #2),
named after a part of my mission work in Mali, west Africa (middle name #1),
a wonderful little addition to our family,
is a fire-ry red hair little girl,
loves her big brother,
is a big fan of animals,
growing & changing constantly...

Was updated on April 10, 2013