Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Holidays in Review...

Dearest people who read my blog (sorry this is really LONG),

As promised here is the update on the Christmas and New Year's celebration that I encountered....
My little family (Husband, Son & Myself) went to Florida for Christmas. We were there a total of 8 days. That is with my side of the my parents house there were my parents, my 3 sisters, my 2 brothers, my husband, my son, 4 dogs and myself...and for 2 of the nights there was one of my sisters friends there. We had a lot of wonderful moments there.
Sunday...we left the temperature of -30 degrees and arrived to 70 degrees.
Monday...Rick went to Florida Hospital East Orlando to do a vistorship (it is one of the Hospitals that he is looking at doing residency) Z & I had some time vegging at the house. I was suppose to make cookies...but had a little misunderstanding with the baking containers at my parents house. Needless to say it didn't turn out that wonderful. My littlest sister (Becca) was home so she help make cutout cookies with one of her friends. That night Rick & my dad played some b-ball and the girls along with Z did some shopping.
Tuesday...My mom didn't go into work until later so we spent the morning together, we went out to eat for lunch, Rick jumped in and out of the pool, we got Z an exersaucer to live at Grammy's house, had some nice family time.
Wednesday...Christmas Eve! My mom had a half a day, my dad and sister had a breakfast to go to, we did some last minute shopping , my sister & her husband along with thier 2 dogs came in, and had the Christmas Eve service along with a wonderful little party afterwards. Z gave us 8 hours of sleep STRAIGHT!!! It was very nice.
Thursday...CHRISTMAS!!! My dad made breakfast. We hung out and waited for my brother and his wife along with their dog came in to open presents. The funniest moments were after we opened up all the gifts Caroline & David past out one more present and told us not to open up until they told us to. In each of the bags was a nerf gun fully loaded, David had the biggest of course and it was loaded with 20-30 "bullets"...those little nerf things were found EVERYwhere. It was lots of fun because I was hold a sleeping baby and I didn't get hit. That afternoon almost everyone of us including al the dogs went swimming. Of course the weather was nice outside...the water temp was about 61...which was really cool. My dad made a comment that went like this when I went in..."I hope little Z likes nice cold milk" funny dad...haha!Friday...We had family pictures. Rick and I along with Z went down to Downtown Disney to meet up with Rick's sisters family (Shaun and Te'a) We ate lunch, went on a boat ride and ate ice cream. Then we met my family at Universal CityWalk for dinner.Saturday...There was a relaxed morning. A little swimming, a little hair cutting done by Caroline. Then we all got ready for the Citrus Bowl where Florida State and Wisconsin played. It was really fun and surprisingly Z did really well.Sunday...Church, then watching some football, then we head over to Blue Springs National Park (to see the manatee...did we see any NO! but we did see a gator), then back to the house and highlighting hair happened.Monday...Rick & I along with Z had to pack, went to visit Mom at work, went to the airport to come home...Now that starts the next set of everything...After we got home Rick's parents came over and we went out to eat for dinner.
Tuesday...We had the Rapp Christmas after a relaxed morning. We basically hung out and watched a movie and probably a bowl game on TV.Wednesday...New Years Eve!!! We went to Gong Fu Tea (my favorite sort of like how people crave Starbucks I crave this but there is only one of them, then we drove to another town of Iowa (no I don't remember the name...sorry), came back ate an early dinner, had some family time, watched a movie, and entered in the New Year!
Thursday...had a "lazy morning" you think you should be entitled up to that seeing that we stayed up past midnight the day before :) We watched bowl games and I made a Turkey/Black Bean Chili my favorite to make.
Friday...we took it easy for the morning and the afternoon we went to the Botanical Center and walked around the Dome looking at wonderful plants and flowers. We got some cute little family ones.Saturday...Ate breakfast with Grandpa & Grandma before they left. Now it's just our little family of three. Z slept a lot (he didn't sleep to well in the past couple days), I took a nap and did some gift card shopping and Rick helped out around the house...Oh how I love you, Rick! Rick is excited for school to begin again, I am excited to get my house all to myself (along with Z) and ready to get my spiritual and physical life back on track. is really early Sunday morning I am done typing now to put pictures up and then go to BED!!!This is one of my favorite pics of me and my 4 month old!!!


  1. That really is a great picture! And he is such a darling! Happy New Year!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful and very busy Christmas you had! Have a Happy New Year!! And enjoy getting your home back in order and to yourself!!! ;O)

  3. Sounds and looks like you had some great times over Christmas break! How does it feel to get back into the routine?! Agh. I told Joel we need to celebrate though, because he is starting his last semester of classes. Next year they get to do the "fun" stuff. (not sure rotations will always be fun, but better than having your nose stuck in a book all the time.) :)


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