Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

So I guess I am changing my process of doing these. Where I am not making a list but doing it in a little story.
Today is Tuesday...
So I have gotten a little photo happy...that is a good thing! I love taking pictures, I like having them to remember memories, to remember people, to remember where I have come from. I ended up getting this great SLR 35 mm camera from my father. When I get photos developed I get them in print and on a picture CD. That way I have them FOREVER! A little bit ago I got this Photo program to make the pictures a little different (I have only played with a little bit of the photos) Somehow time is not allowing me to edit photos and then put them up. I wonder why?
Today...was a nerve racking day...and I am glad it's almost over!
The little girl I watch Sienna is getting over croup. So I have not been at work for the past 2 days. I have gotten a lot of stuff done (or made a prioritize to get a lot of stuff done in the next week) I ended up weighing in and since I started Weight Watchers I have lost 10% and set another goal for my next weight loss. Which means I am almost at the weight before I got pregnant with little "Z-man" We also spent a good almost 2 hours at Gong Fu Tea. What a great way to spend the morning with my little family. I was on my way back to the apartment...I brought in all the stuff from the stores that I went to and then came back to get little "Z-man" I wrapped him up all in his blanket and put up his hood (because it was windy and cold) I ended up tripping and falling and my little man ended up scraping his head on the stairs. :( It broke my heart. We had a lot of prayer and a lot of comforting. Luckily we have a God who is the comforter and the healer! So after watching him for a while, he was able to take a good nap, and he got checked out by a doc later on...He is good to go!
Tonight I had my first business meeting with Des Moines University SAA club. SAA is a club for spouses and significant others of Des Moines University students. I am the Historian, which means I take the photos, put together a directory and be on a board. I think I am going to LOVE it.
So...right now the little "Z-man" is asleep, Rick just finished playing his guitar and I am ready to attach a dear photo of you guessed it "Z-man" with frozen corn on his head. Well...I didn't have any frozen peas and I needed it to be cold.


  1. Oh bless both of your little hearts, I just know that was hard on both of you!!

    I'm glad your little man was okay. I'm glad you had frozen corn though. We had an ouch moment last night with a pizza roll (it felt cool, I had opened it to let it cool off but the sauce was still hot :o( ). It was resolved with the little frozen thing you put in a lunch bag and she was fine ... :O)

  2. Katrina, I am glad that you and Z are ok! That would be scary, Yay for prayer , especially in those times. That story reminded me of when I was belaying for Rebecca in Utah & I got lifted up of the ground & flew into the rock. Nothing more scarier than when your face meets rock. That picture of Z is adorable! Have an awesome weekend with your family!
    Love, Jenn


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