Monday, August 31, 2009

Florida in August...

We have been home for about a week. I thought I would put up some photos of our vacation. We enjoyed our time down in Florida...but August is really not a good time to go visit. It's really hot and humid out and if you do outdoor stuff you simply are soaked in your own sweat. Then you don't feel like being inside all day long because you feel like your a couch potato. It was a great time with family and "Z" & I enjoyed the swimming pool.
We flew in on a Friday...
On Saturday, we went to the Zoo there in Sanford. We went in the morning and had fun...then we got warm. I think "Z's" favorite animal there were 2 little monkeys that were playing back and forth and moving a LOT. Which everyone knows the animal that moves the most get "Z's" attention the most. That night my parents threw a "rad" party. "Z" rehydrating at the zoo.
On Sunday, we went to church in the morning and evening and had a restful afternoon.
On Monday, my mom didn't have to work so went out on the town. We went to Ikea and some other stores.
On Tuesday, we went to the knit shop in the morning. Took my mom to work, went for a swim I am sure. That evening we spend with my dad; went to a half price book store, dinner, and picked up my mom & sister.
On Wednesday, I think we stayed at home...and swam in the pool. "Z" and I met my mom at Moe's to eat lunch.
On Thursday, well it was "Z's" Birthday! so we took it easy that morning and baked in the afternoon. That evening the young adult meeting at the house..."Z" and I were invisible. That night we had a huge storm, there were almost 20,000 lighting strikes in the area. The birthday boy cruising around....
On Friday, my sister Caroline and her husband David came for a visit. We celebrated "Z's" birthday that day. You can see the video of us singing Happy Birthday to "Z" in my previous post. The before cake shot.
On Saturday, we did some shopping and then we celebrated my parents 30th Anniversary (because that was on Tuesday).
On Sunday, we did the church thing...then had a relaxing afternoon around the pool. Swimming with Uncle Dav-Dav
On Monday, we hoped on a flight and came back to Des Moines. Pictures below with Aunt Becca, Gramps & Grammy

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