Monday, August 31, 2009

The Last Iowa Cubs game of the least for us.

They actually play this weekend...however we will be having our family camping trip. SO this past Friday was our last I-Cubs game of the season. So sad. :(
We sat in the front row, right by the Cubs warming up bull pen.
Here are some pics...

"Z" was watching these guys like wanted to be one of them...I think it was the water.Me & "Z-Man" before the game

Jeff Samardzija warming up to start the game
Rick taking a "self-portrait" with "Z"
At the end of the game Micah Hoffpauir came walking over with a huge smile on his face. He grabbed this bat and gave it to Rick who was holding "Z" at the time.

So the fireworks after the game was pretty great. "Z" just sits still and looks up and watches the colors blast across the sky.

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  1. That is soooo awesome about the bat! It will match perfectly in Z's room!!


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