Friday, October 30, 2009

The craftyness...

Well...when I was going in CO, I wanted something small to work on. SO I found a knitting pattern for mittens. "Z-Man" has one pair of mittens but when he wore them his hands still got cold. So I made these mittens and ended up changing it up some where I didn't put the thumbs in them. After all he is only 14 months old and we don't have time to put the thumb in the thumb hole. So I ended up knitting 4 mittens (2 pairs) and I used a blue variegated. SO none of the mittens look like they are suppose to be a pair! Here are that picture...
Now I am working on a hat for "Z-Man" it is one of those hats that have ear-flaps. The yarn is mainly blue with gold/orange specks in it. SO they are Denver Broncos colors...The future idea is to...1st of all wait for my order of more yarn to come. 2nd make some pants for "Z." 3rd hope that I have enough yarn to make a pair of mittens for him. 4th get a shirt then do some iron work that says "Go Broncos" or something along those lines! I am SO excited. Here is a picture of the hat in progress...
I am also looking for ideas of homemade presents for my immediate family this year. #1 I think it's more meaningful. #2 I think that it's cheaper. #3 It's what I want to do! So I am gladly taken are a few things you should know...I don't have a sewing machine (so I am not a very good sewer) If you part of my family...and you would like or have a suggestion...then PLEASE leave me a comment! I can't read peoples minds.
Here is a picture of "Z" in his costume...he is a Park Ranger thanks to his Grandpa & Grandma Rapp. I am glad that Halloween didn't come later other wise I was going to have to find a thing for him to wear.


  1. that park ranger costume is awesome! And the mittens look great. If one gets lost, you have more that "match." Pearl is almost 2 and we still rarely use the thumbs on her mittens either. The first time I saw mittens without thumbs for babies I was like "now THAT's a good idea!"

  2. love that costume! those mittens are darling, too :)


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