Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm Thankful!

Well...I'm pretty thankful for good life. Some days are AWESOME and some days are not that good sometimes. But that is reality.
My son ("Z-Man) is over 18 mos and we have been to the doctor for his regular healthy visits & ONLY twice for being sick. It also helps that Rick has a way of being a medical school student and check to see if "Z" is going to the doctor worthy.
My husband is very loving and is a wonderful father WHO let's me go to knitting every Thursday night. Along with some other things that happen in the evenings.
My extended family is so very supportive and loving. I feel their prayers with me & for me all the time.
I am very thankful for my blog friends...if you want to check something new then read some of their awesome blogs.
I am thankful for my friends who are so supportive and fun to be around.
So...I'll end with that...and here are some pics of my son to make it more interesting for you. My little "Z-Man" eating his first Happy Meal.


  1. That Happy Meal picture just made me very hungry! It looks like he was loving every moment at McDonalds :O)

  2. Yay for first Happy Meals! Love it!


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