Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Camping...

So the family did a Memorial Day camping trip with a couple of other families.
It was overall a good time. I say overall because my dear little son is getting over an ear infection, he is also working on pushing up those canine (eye) teeth (which I don't like them at ALL!) and possibly starting to work on his 2 year molars.
Back to the fun times...we had it all packed up and instead of re-reading the e-mail to tell me where we were going to be...WE headed out and yes we headed out to the other camp-ground that we were at last year. YET that wasn't where we were this year. Luckily they aren't to terribly far away from each other...and I was able to get some more knitting done in the car.
We got everything put up and was ready for the first night of camping. Thus the not so good first night...but it's ok I still love my son. On Saturday, Rick had to do some reading and what not for the Fellowship. While he did that, I took "Z" over to the beach (along with some other mom's with the kiddos). Towards the end "Z" was beyond the point of being tired. So I took him back to the camp and we took our showers after all look at the pictures below and you will see why.That night we had dinner, smores, game time and a lot better sleep from "Z" it was a good night...
Sunday...we hung out at the campsite until it got a little on the "warmer" side and our little family decided to go to Trainland USA. "Z" ended up falling asleep on the way there so we went to a National Park where Bisen live. (no pictures of them...they decided to not be close to the road SO they look like rocks) So below are some pictures of the Trainland USA.When we got back we met the rest of our group at the here are some pictures from there too. While we were out Rick decided that we would leave that night. So after we had dinner, we packed up and we were going to stay part of the night for smores and possible games...then there was a storm and that kind of ruined the plans.
I'll be back more for some "artsy" photos from Trainland USA as well as what we did on Monday (Memorial Day) besides remembering those soldiers and their families that sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

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