Saturday, August 21, 2010

Where did my baby go? Picture overloaded!!! we all know we can't keep our little ones little for too long. MY "Z-Man" is now 2! He has sort of been under the weather so we discarded the last minute party that we were going to throw. He wasn't sick to the point where he wouldn't eat anything it was more that he was clingy, tired and warm off and on. SO we didn't want people to be exposed to that. PLUS I figured he wouldn't remember if we didn't actually have a party. :)
So 2 years ago we became a little family of our own when this little guy (pictured below) was given to us from God. We have gone through many milestones as well as many milestones yet to come... (Becoming a Denver Broncos fan) (Setting him up for years of Heartache as a Chicago Cubs fan)
we have had mostly good times with him. REALLY he is a very easy baby/toddler. ALTHOUGH he is sometimes dramatic.
Last year, "Z" and I celebrated his birthday in Florida with my family. (I made a side note that I really didn't want to visit Florida in August again!) Here is a pic of "Z" last year.
(Trip to Colorado!)(Exploring the Manger)(At the I-Cubs game)

Here are some pics of "Z" celebrating his birthday this year...(Eating the rest of the cupcake batter)(Playing with his Birthday Balloons)(Eating his Cupcake!)

It's been lots of fun and we have enjoyed our gift from God.

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures...We are going to be doing a little baseball cake for him tomorrow and I'll post pics and a video of us being sung to and such. So STAY tuned (it might get posted on Monday...depending on if I have the energy to do a post!)


  1. Awe! Happy Birthday Z! I love all of the pictures!

  2. Such precious photos! Happy Birthday to your little man!


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