Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 14...

So Day 14 is for me to post a picture of my family! So here you go...My family as of RIGHT now...a 2 year old boy "Z", a hard working Medical Student husband Rick and me and my pregnant self carrying Baby Girl.This pic was taken where Rick and I got married, this was when we were in Colorado in 2009 (thus is why "Z" is a little baby!!!) A 4 generation picture...My Nona, My Mom, Myself and My little boy. We were all together for "Z's" dedication!Picture taken at Nags Head, NC (the Outer Banks)...My Grandpa & Grandma (who's anniversary we were celebrating), My Dad (who's Birthday is TODAY!!!), Myself and the little "Z-Man"My Family right after Christmas 2008! It was our first Christmas in Florida!

Speaking of my family...we are in need of some prayer...
~For the next couple months our "little" family will be expanding and things will be changing.
~My Brother (David) is in Iraq as a combat soldier.
~I also have an unspoken request that is in regards to my family...please lift it up with me. Thanks so much!!!

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  1. Katrina,

    This has been fun to read your blog during this 30 days :O) Your family photo is cute. I will lift your family and their need up in prayer.

    Have a wonderful evening or morning :O)


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