Monday, January 3, 2011

My Little family....

So today was a very interesting day...yesterday too...
~It was our first day with Rick not home with us...he started back up on his Fellowship Block. He has been home with us since the Monday before Thanksgiving.
~We had to drop Rick off at school before 7:00am...because we have only 1 car it's BRUTAL!
~Little Aspen had her 2 month check up...she is still pretty small...BUT she is growing. She weighs 11 pounds and 3 ounces, her height is 23 inches and her head circumference is 15 inches. She developmental really well and her smiles are to DIE for!
~Z-Man woke up too early (let's just say before 4! he was in bed with us for a little bit but he didn't go back to sleep.)
~Little Aspen slept 8 straight hours!!! She slept longer than her big brother.
~While we were dropping Rick off to school, Z fell asleep...AND he slept when I moved him from the car to the house AND from the house back to the car (for Aspen's doctor appointment)
~Z didn't seem at all concerned about Aspen getting poked and prodded by the medical student & the doctor. Or even when the nurse gave her the vaccines. But he did do very well. :)
~Aspen didn't really like her vaccines while she was getting them or at all today. Poor baby girl...hopefully tomorrow will be better.
~I was able to make homemade veggie broth (yesterday) and than I made Chicken & Black Bean Chili with it today. And it was DELISH!!! Such great flavor.
~Z has been very "forceful"with wanting to cuddle with me at night when he is going to bed. Last night it went like this...we did book, we did our song, we said our prayers, we put on his music, we turned on the light and we shut off the light as we closed the door. A little while later I looked and saw that his lights were on...So I went in there and told him that it was time to go to bed and that he needed to turn off the light. So he turned off the light and went back to bed I went over to help him get tucked in and he reached out and grabbed my hand and pulled me closer like "mom...I want you in here with me." So I went in I cuddled with him. Then I heard Aspen cry and I explained to him that Aspen needed me now and he stayed in bed and slept. (He sort of did that tonight too.)
~So that is what is going on in our little family!


  1. Oh those bedtimes can leave mommas with some fun tales to tell!!

    I wanted to tell you that I am more than happy to send you the Pirate Queen and other huge book that I have by Francine Rivers called, "a lineage of grace" That way you can read without having to worry about a review all of the time with the two kiddos in tote!!

    Let me know if you are interested. I would be happy to pass my treasures on. I just don't have room to keep a lot of books (unless they become my uber favorites then I make room!)

  2. Oh early mornings :/ Glad Aspen is growing well though. And how cute is Z?

  3. Well then my dear blog friend I think I still have your address in my email. So in the next two weeks look for a package in the mail to you with some fun reading material :O)


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