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A Page Review...

Lady in Waiting by Susan Meissner

From the back of the book...
"Love is a choice you make every day. Content in her comfortable marriage of twenty-two years, Jane Lindsay had never expected to watch her husband, Brad, pack his belongings and walk out the door of their Manhattan home. But when it happens, she feels powerless to stop him and the course of events that follow Brad's departure.
Jane finds an old ring in a box of relics from a British jumble sale and discovers a Latin inscription in the band along with just one recognizable word: Jane. Feeling an instant connection to the mysterious ring bearing her namesake, Jane begins a journey to learn more about the ring -- and perhaps about herself.
In the sixteenth-century, Lucy Day becomes the dressmaker to Lady Jane Grey, an innocent young woman whose fate seems to be controlled by a dangerous political and religious climate, one threatening to deny her true love and pursuit of her own interests.
As the stories of both Janes dovetail through the journey of one ring, it becomes clear that each woman has far more influence over her life than she once imagined. It all comes down to the choices each make despite the realities they face."
About the author...Susan Meissner has spent her lifetime as a writer, starting with her first poem at the age of four. She is the award-winning author of The Shape of Mercy, White Picket Fences, and many other novels. When she's not writing, she directs the small groups and connection ministries at her San Diego church. She and her pastor husband are the parents of four young adults Visit her Web site at
Now my page review...
I have always loved books that were written as the setting in the sixteenth-century. As I read, I always read at night after everyone has gone to bed and I stay up too late! I got drawn into this book with it's twist on the now a days setting. Both Jane's stories tugged at my heart. Hoping that I don't get to "comfortable" in my marriage with my dear husband. As well as hoping that as I'm a mother of dear daughter not wanting my little girls life to be "ran" for her and have her make her own choices. I have chosen to answer some of the questions in the back of the book for you to get a different idea of the way I feel about the book.
"In the end, Jane decides to stand by Brad during his crisis. What do you think of her decision?" Jane chose from her heart, although first she had to find it because of all the people she was trying to please; such as her parents, her husband, her family, etc. She decided that she had to try more things that she grew to like and that her husband liked as well. I dare to say that I would make the decision to stand by my husband through thick and thin (isn't that what my wedding vow said.).
"What do you think Lucy Day's strengths were? Why do you think she gave personality traits to the dresses in Jane's wardrobe?" Lucy Day strength's include a great listener, a great friend, and a great seamstress, amongst other things. She wanted Lady Jane's wardrobe to look as though Lady Jane was older than what she was. When Lady Jane wore the dresses that Lucy made for her she got compliments. Lucy wanted to give Lady Jane some joy & happiness in the dresses that she wore.
"If you had lived during the sixteenth century, would you have wanted to be a commoner, a noble, or a royal? Why? Oh, I have 2 answers to this question...I would love to be a noble and have the joys of going to court when called upon as well as the wonders of having money and dresses made for me. Although I wouldn't have a chance to marry for love and being told whom I needed to marry for my "social or political standing." This is why I have decided that I would like to be a do something I was good at for a job until I found the person whom was my true love to marry and than find a life at home. Even if it would be a way were I was living from pay check to pay check or being torn apart from my family as a young person so I could earn money. Yes I would choose a commoner in the sixteenth century.
So here is a review...
I enjoyed reading this book and it captivated me at once.
The touch between now-a-days setting to sixteenth-century is divine.
The characters where wholesome and full of life.

This book was given to me free for a blog review by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Company.
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Well I hope you Enjoy, Happy Reading & Happy Monday!

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