Monday, July 18, 2011

My Crazy Birthday...

So my birthday was really eventful. SO we started pretty early. I made a list of stuff that I wanted to do the night before. This wasn't just for celebrating my birthday, although it was part of it. Some of it was because it was our last Saturday (for a while) as a family of 4!
There was no sleeping in. But that would of been nice.So here was the list of things that we did...
-Got some amazing produce at the Des Moines Downtown Farmers Market
-Got some Ice Tea at Gong Fu Tea
-Went to Rick's school; got a knitting pattern printed off and got my rib popped back into place
-Went to Trader Joes; we got Rick stocked up on some food for him in Ohio (so basically I sat in the car and he got stuff) he also got us some lunch.
-Went to the Library to get books (that's not on the list)
-Went to the wading pool...Everyone loved it!
-Got home and Rick went to Wal-Mart to pick up some other stuff and I baked some cookies for Rick to take with him.
-Got to spend time as a family, also got to take pictures, get hugs & kisses and also presents :) Basically cards but it was a great birthday!
Also got to find out where the Greyhound station was in Des Moines and dropped off my husband there, for him to spend 4 weeks in Ohio. (Where he is delivering babies and other surgeries for the female body)

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  1. Happy (late) Birthday!! Sounds like a good, busy one! :) Jealous that you have trader joes... I fell in love with it when we were in VA, but we don't have one here in Colorado Springs.


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