Monday, October 17, 2011

the things you learn...

...from watching videos on you tube or the thing that my husband learns...
So for the past couple days I kept complaining about my hair style (or basically my lack of style). It would only do what I wanted it to do RIGHT after I styled it and it would only last for about an hour.
I guess I "complained" about it long enough where my husband sat on the couch and watched youtube videos. The kids were sleeping and he said if you want me to cut your hair we should do it now. So I sat in the thoughts were #1 it's just hair it grows back, #2 a FREE hair cut, #3 ANYTHING is better than what I have now. SO I had my first every silent hair cut.
Be the judge for yourself with my hair cut...I think that Rick did a really good job for his first hair cut.
 oh no I created a "crazy" man!
 There are for sure spots that need to get fixed but over all my husband did a GREAT job.

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