Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's been long over due...

For those that want to read this blog every day...or regularly...I am sorry.
Left seems like it's the same old same old...Such as my day usually holds these items.

~ Make sure the kids are up and fed (they usually always get up on their own)
~ Get Z-Man on the bus for his day of school
~ Spend time with A-Girl as she is the only one home with me...occasionally do a little shopping with her. (Like grocery or craft shopping)
~ Some Tuesdays I have a Bible Study I go to along with A-Girl
~ Get Z-Man off the bus
~ Get the kids lunch
~ Wrangle the kids for a while; either go to the park, watch a movie, maybe even go to the pool (the water is still pretty cool)
~ Get A-girl down for a nap and try to get some "down-time" with Z-Man.
~ Get dinner ready and feed the kids
~ Have fun with the kids
~ Get the kids ready for bed, tuck them in and clean up the tornado left behind by said kids.

My wonderful hubby, is an intern at a hospital. SO his schedule is changing every 2 or 4 weeks. Some of his rotations are better than others...and he is home at dinner, sometimes he is home during the day but gone during nights, sometimes he has the weekend off, sometimes he's working for 24 hours straight, sometimes he has a day off during the week, on and on I could go.

I'm very lucky, I have been having a great start of my business. I basically feed my hobby of knitting and even sewing. You can always ask questions about it here OR find me on Facebook -- business page is called Rapped with Luv.

I'm hoping to get back to writing more on here. I need to process things a little more. BUT for now. I'm going to leave you.

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