Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Do you know what? It's gonna feel good to talk with you this year. Along with doing the different items for my own health and family...I'm making a goal to write more with you! I'm NOT going to bore you with my goals. BUT please know that I'm planning on writing more.
I have my new calendar, a new set of pens, a new journal and some note cards. SO I'm set for hitting the new year. :)

Here are a couple things I'm looking forward to in the year 2014!
~ I'm doing a pen pal with so I will be doing a little note for my person as well as a little gift every month.
~ I'm excited to see Z-man progress...he has already progressed so much in a couple months of school.
~ I'm excited to read some new books this year...and actually do my thoughts on them here! I already have a list to do.
~ I'm ready to get my health in proper order. Drinking more water, eating cleaner food, more veggies and fruit, move more, etc.
~ I'm excited to see Colorado again in March! AND hoping to meet NEW friends!
~ I'm excited to see how much my daughter will learn and grow!
~ I'm excited to do more photo a day challenges (on Instagram) 

What are some goals that you have to look forward to this year?

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