Friday, October 17, 2014

The thing I dislike most...

Promises aren't being kept. This time it's ME who is making me upset. I wanted to write more on here in the year 2014...and I have really NOTHING to show for it.
However my kids are happy and my house is more in order and I've been knitting wonderful items so that has kept me busy.

Right now I'll give you a little update on my wonderful family.
Rick (my husband) is in his 3rd year of Residency, when he is done in June 2016 he will have a duel degree in Family Practice Medicine and Neuromusclar Medicine. Which means he can go and teach at a DO Medical School at some point in his career..PLUS that makes him more competitive for a job. WHICH he already has for when he is done. We are heading to Wisconsin after this. We are excited and ready for the journey and I know the hospital/clinic is going to be a perfect fit for him...AND with time the town will be a perfect fit for our family!
Zeke (my now 6 year old Autistic boy) is doing great in school. He is in the same school as last year, in the same classroom, with the same teacher and a lot of the same paraprofessionals and classmates. He has settled down earlier...although homework nightly is not always fun for him...or me. He is progressing in his speech and he tries to say the words we are saying. He is also working on those social components that come naturally in other kids, saying Hello, Good Morning, Thank you, Bye...He is a boy though too...he likes to play with his cars, ride his bike, climb trees, go swimming, loves being outside in nature...he also loves his instruments. (Which is sometimes on the "loud" end of things)
Aspen (my SOON to be 4 year old girl) is loving her preschool. She greets the teachers with great joy and love! It's amazing that she is that excited! She goes Wednesday morning through Friday morning...She LOVES the time away from me I think too. And I love being able to be kid free for 3 mornings of my week. She is coming along in her speech too...but she will be getting evaluated soon. There are somethings that she mispronounces and letter sounds she hasn't quite got a hold of yet.
I have been busy keeping up with 2 kids, making up meals for our dinners as well as making up a plan for Freezer meals for later on this winter, I've also been trying to keep up with main area of the living area organized and clean which is nice to walk in and not see TONS of clutter everywhere. I just need to work on my crafting nook area (where I have the sewing machine that I haven't really worked for a while and my yarn) Sometimes the kids rooms look tornadoes have gone through them, sometimes our bedroom is not organized...but we just close doors when people are here...I mean who doesn't do that! After taking off the summer of knitting and creating...I'm back at it and I'm SO happy to be back.
Who knows when the last time I'll be here...hopefully sooner rather than later. After all I like to write about those mundane things in my life. Cause I know I don't get my words out otherwise, I mean I get words out when chatting with kids...but those are not what is that deep part of my heart. I love the conversations I have with my kids...but they aren't really always deep (after all they are only 6 and almost 4)

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