Saturday, December 1, 2007


Welcome to my life. Sometimes it is normal, others it is really just full of crazy stuff and random ideas of the future. My world consist of my husband (Rick) who is in Med School, my cat Edmund, and myself. I am a full time nanny who is working to make the big bucks to give my husband an education. Soon, Rick will be working hard and he will send me back to school so that I can get my photography degree, as well as my radiology tech degree. That way I can be the radiology tech in my husband's clinic in a small town somewhere and I can have my own studio and take tons of pictures, and make money that way. Both Rick and I would love to add kids to our when we have news that will add to the crazyness of my life. But it will also add joy and lots more laughter into my life.
Here in Des Moines, we have found a great church. We truly love the people there and hear from God so many times. Rick is enjoying his medical classes and helps lead a study group. I have a wonderful job that I can't wait to start in January, and working for a nanny agency in the mean time. This is my life thanks for reading it. More will come! Happy December 1st!

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