Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year...New Blog

So we have entered a new start, a new month and a new year. So I write in the blog that I am sure no one reads. But it helps clear my mind.
This holiday season was full of great fun and delight. I spent to many hours in a car which isn't fun, as I slept a lot and Rick drove to and from Texas. We had Christmas in Texas and Rick and I wore our Chaco's it was a delight. We saw the National Treasure movie in the Cinema. We walked through a Museum. We sat and watched in amazement at the Trans Siberian Orchestra. We also told many people that we are expecting. It is still rather new and I have my first doctor's appointment in a week from tomorrow. So I will have more info coming up then. But we are excited and can't wait. 2008 will be full of a lot of changes for us Rapp's in Des Moines.

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