Thursday, January 10, 2008

I have someone growing inside of me.

I have the best gift anyone could of asked for. Alright...let me explain.
Dec 8th I took an at home pregnancy test and it was positive. I ended up going to my regular doctor to check up everything and they confirmed it 3 days later. I was tired (was...I am still tired), I was nauseated (was...I still have those days) and I was just feeling not myself. I then set up an OB-GYN appointment for after the holiday season.
I actually just had my appointment yesterday. The doctor said that everything is fine. (Now for those that don't know I ended up having a miscarriage in April of 2007) Because of that she wanted to make sure everything was alright so she scheduled an ultrasound appointment. I actually had that appointment today. I was able to see my baby (yes there is just one) and hear the little heart beat at 170 beats per minute. So my baby (we call him or her Buckeye for when I am really sick that way I can say I have a Killer Nut living in me and I am from Ohio) Buckeye is measuring at 2 cm long. I asked if they could give me a measurement of the head because my husband's head is so large...they said that it wouldn't matter it would feel big coming out even it if is small. Ouch! So attached are some pictures of the baby.
Tonight we also had our first hospital tour. It took FOREVER! One hour long. Very thoughtful and full of insight.
So here is the checklist...
  • Decide on where to have the baby
  • Sign up for Child birthing classes
  • Sign up for other useful classes (breastfeeding, baby basics)
  • Eat right
  • Start exercising
  • Figure out if I want to find out the sex of the baby. If you have ANY reasoning why I should or shouldn't find out please write me
Well...thanks for reading and God Bless!

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