Monday, August 11, 2008

The Cloth Diaper Adventure...

First of all...the baby is still in the oven. From the picture this is me TODAY! I have my doctor's appointment on Friday of this week...hopefully things are progressing slowly.
At the beginning of the third trimester, Rick and I started looking into being a little bit more "greener" in raising our child. So we kicked the idea around cloth diapers. After doing lots of research and finding this working at home mother who just happens sells cloth diapers. We decided to go for it.
Today I picked up the rest of supplies that we ordered. I was so excited that I decided to take pictures and then write a little blog about it. This was a huge upfront investment but knowing that we are not going to have to run out to the store at 3 am because we are out of diapers. As well as if God Blesses us with another child we can use these on them.
Now for the pictures...
Pre-fold Cloth or Inserts ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~World Traveler Pocket

Cloth Wipes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Small White Covers Watermelon Pocket ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The "Green" Diaper bag
Green & Yellow Striped Pocket Diapers

Wet Bags to put the Diapers to be washed

Pocket Diapers are waterproof on the outside, cloth on the inside that is right next to the baby, with a pocket to put pre-folds or inserts in it.

When the baby actually arrives and is in these diapers pics will come to show how cute these can be. According to the due date...11 more days!
Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm not sure I'll be able to change one of those!


  2. Yes you can mom...they are quite easy after you watch it. Don't worry though disposal diapers are going to be used until all the meconium is out.

  3. cute cloth diapers! I've never had the guts to do that myself, we've been a disposables family and just btw, we've never run out at 3am. Boy that would suck, esp here in Lake City! I know a few people though that seem to enjoy their cloth diapers, so I hope you do too! We're excited for you and your little one coming soon!

  4. kuddos to u 4 tryi cloth diapers!!


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