Sunday, August 3, 2008

What is in a name?

With our upcoming little one about to enter this world there have been some questions about the name of our child. So for those that are curious this is for you! If you don't care then don't waste your time...
Looking at names is quite an adventure! First, Rick and I both looked at a book of names. This book isn't your normal baby name books. This one gave us the name, different spellings, origins, meanings, spiritual connotation, and a Bible verse. Second, Rick and I took our turns and picked out our favorite names without consulting each other. We together came up with 43 girl names and 31 boy names that we ended up liking. Thirdly and lastly, I made a list and then we both looked at all the names and came up with our top 4 or 5 first and last names.
Right now we have our top girl full name and our top boy full name. We also have back up first names just in case the little one doesn't look like the other first name. (The reason why is because for those that didn't know but my parents chose the name Amy for me as my first do I look like an Amy? I think not!) Even though we have back up names those won't be revealed unless the baby doesn't look like the first choice. (I don't want you to steal my other names.)
Our pick for a little boy is Ezekiel Thomas Cadman Rapp. Here is the meaning of the names "My strength is in God" "Divinely Perserved" "Warrior" The little boy will called 'Z' for short. Thomas is after my father-in-law, Cadman is my mother-in-law's maiden name that never got passed down.
Our pick for a little girl is Keita Susanne Rapp. Meaning of these "Joyful" (also my Malian last name), "Lily" (which is after my own mother...Susie)
So there you are the names we have picked out. I welcome comments but however I probably won't change my mind. Because Rick and I have done a LOT of thinking about these names.
For those that want to know...I have my next prenatal visit (unless the baby comes before that) on Friday. Please pray that my back will be able to feel better day by day, it is to the point of taking medicine everyday for the pain (that is saying a lot seeing that I usually stay away from any meds what so ever.) If there is any big changes in my next visit I will be making another "short" blog.
Thanks for reading...
Katrina and Little Buckeye (Rick sort of but not really)


  1. Man, I got you to do that much planning... My type A habits are rubbing off on you!

  2. Don't forget that Susanne is also my middle name, so maybe the baby will be named after me and not Mom

    Becca Susanne Stephens


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