Thursday, November 27, 2008

28 Things...

28 Things I am Thankful for…
1) Jesus for coming and dying for me
2) My husband, Rick
3) My son, Ezekiel
4) My health
5) God’s Word
6) My parents (I love you Dad & Mom)
7) My parents-in-law ( I love you Tom & Jean)
8) My siblings (Butch, Caroline & Becca)
9) My extended siblings (Jenny, David, Jenifer, & Shaun)
10) My niece (Taylor)
11) My extended family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins)
12) My husband’s love
13) My son’s laughter
14) The Mountains
15) The Water
16) My church family
17) Me being unique
18) Creating with a camera
19) Creating with yarn
20) Sports & games (watching & playing)
21) Movie times with family
22) Laughter
23) A place to live & food in the belly
24) God’s mercy & grace
25) Watching my son’s expressions & milestones
26) Music
27) Creating with other stuff
28) Living one more year!

I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving and you were able to think about what you are truely thankful for.

God off to bed so I can rise early to go "shopping"

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