Friday, December 5, 2008

To sleep or to blog, that is the question.

I just finished putting up the Christmas tree and was in the middle of trying to decide whether I am done for the night or not...

You see it's quiet here. There is no little Ezekiel crying or wanting to my attention. Nor is there my wonderful husband pulling me to play a game or sit and chat with him. For both of my dear loved ones are sleeping. Even Edmund the cat is sleeping beside me. :)

I decided that seeing that I am up that I would blog!

1) There is still 2, count them 2 spots open for the Pay it Forward Challenge! I would really like to get those spots filled...please check it out and contact me if you have ANY questions!

2) My little family had an AWESOME time over Thanksgiving. We went up to Wisconsin where my extended family (Nona, aunts, uncles & cousins) is. Here is a picture of little Z with his great uncle Pete (it's like a big accomplishment for Pete to even hold a baby!)
We survived shopping on black Friday, we even got some amazing deals too! Our little family got to spend time just us. We spent an afternoon, evening, night and a couple hours in Chicago...we took little Z to Wrigley Field, to the Field Museum, and we slept at the Hilton!

We are TRULY Thankful for our time with the extended family and then time with OUR little family.

3) Since we have been back home, Z has been wanting to go down to sleep at night around 10:30-10:45 pm. Which is GREAT!!! I feel like I can either get stuff done around the house or spend time one-to-one with my husband! There are also times where I can do the past 2 nights. Of course they have been earlier to rise then I am used to but...I guess I can grow into that.

4) Z is so close to rolling over by himself...he can get from his back to his side but can't seem to get either mad enough or coordinated enough to roll onto his belly. On his belly he likes to push up for a while and then he gets mad...but as the doctor (or soon to be doctor...Z's daddy) says tummy time is precious and he needs it. I don't know how much he weighs and all...but he is getting to the point where Rick & I are looking for the next size car seats and cloth diapers as well as looking for a exersaucer or bumbo chairs for him to sit in. We are going to his Doctor's after Christmas before the New Year for his 4th month checkup and shots. So I am sure I will update all the measurements on that.

5) I have gotten done with the Broncos blanket for my husband and son to share on a Sunday afternoon. I am very pleased with of right now I only have a picture of the front of it.

6) Well tomorrow we are having a potluck and Dirty Santa (White Elephant) party with some of the Medical Students we know. It should be LOADS of fun! Thus is why I should really be done blogging right now and getting my sleep so I can finish all the stuff that needs to get done before the party tomorrow night. Let's see...if I make a list it will help get the stuff done. (in somewhat of an order but not not fretting over it)
~ Make the chili (crock pot it so it's easier) ~ finish with the Christmas decorations
~ Do some cleaning ~ Make iced tea & lemonade ~ Hang up some pictures ~ Take some pictures for people to see ~ possibly make some bread
~ Take time to enjoy life!

7) The last thing before I go...I would like to Challenge you! If you are a fellow believer of Christ and call yourself a Christian...this is for you! If you are not and you find yourself courious about it...let me know! Our church is doing the Truth Project and yesterday (it's still Thursday in my mind) the video discussion was about Labor-Created to Create. It talked about how we are all created to create and working as unto the Lord. It really stirred in my mind and I can create or how I want to create. There are so many things that I want to create but time and money always get the better of me. What also stirred in my heart and mind were how I want to make sure the things I create will glorify God in peoples hearts. I want to leave the impression of God in hearts and souls when people see what I have created.

Well that is it...I am sure that my bed is warm now due to the heating blanket that is on it. It is 15 degress outside! But it is warm in my heart due to the Spirit of Christmas!

Also another plug...if you have a hard time buying for someone on your Christmas list...check out my website for your candle, decor, body & home supplies!!! If you need help let me know. If you order soon...they should be there by Christmas!

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  1. Hi Katrina!
    Yay for blogs =)
    Mine is more of a once a month thing.
    I have no idea how you have energy to update so much.
    Glad all is well! Oh & the Pay it Forward is an awesome idea! I just made some things so I comment about yours & you can comment on mine =)


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