Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ezekiel is 12 weeks!

So I have sat down 3 times before this to write a blog...TODAY is the day to finish it!

Within in the past couple weeks Z has changed and had a chance to ride in a airplane to visit Grammy & Gramps in Florida. This was a first for Z and for me to travel by myself with a little one. It was an amazing time! I traveled with a wrap. Side note: Any mommy that you want to give a gift is a GREAT present. I use it all the time; church, getting Z to quite down, making dinner, traveling, and much more! Alright back to our Florida trip...seeing that this was the first time Z got to see Gramps & Aunt Becca it was a lot of fun. Z's other Aunt Caroline came down from Georgia so that was the first too! We went to the Beach and touch the soft sand with his toes. He really didn't like it, but it was pretty windy too. But he has gotten many times to go to the beach to enjoy it! I can train him up in that! I really think that we (Z & I) could use a trip down to Florida at least every season. That way we can let Daddy study hard and do well in his exams during that time we are away. Plus it lets everyone appreciate our little family all the more. While we were down there I also got my hair done...thanks to my wonderful sister Caroline. I don't think that I could live with it the way it was any longer!

A lot of other things have changed since our last blog...he has discovered his hands! He likes to suck on his WHOLE hand. It is quite funny. It usually happens after nursing and he wants to suck more or when he is on his tummy after he is done pushing himself up. He does this new gurgling noise. It is one of his favorites. When Rick & I do it he looks at us like "Hey...that is my noise and you better stop it!" He is finding his voice more and more now. He is trying to talk, it is so funny because he looks like he is going to talk your ear off but he opens his mouth and nothing comes out. Rick and I say that we have a very passionate little boy. The reasons for that is when he is hungry, he wants everyone to know it! Sometimes I have 2 seconds pass the little whimper all the way up to 2 minutes (sometimes more if I am lucky). Little Z is smiling so big and he likes to make eyes at women who look like they really care for him.

Rick & I went on our first date since he has been born. We went in the afternoon because in the evening he wants to eat every 2 to 2.5 hours (to stock up for the night). We went to see...yep you guessed it an animated movie. (I say that because if you know my husband animated movies are his FAVORITE) We saw Madagassar 2. It was cute. We had fun and Z slept the entire time...of course he had a clean diaper and a full tummy. It was easier to leave with him sleeping but I was sort of sad when he didn't even realize that I was gone.

Here is my exciting event that happened to me Wednesday! I was making brownies to take to church for our Fusion Student Ministries. I had the batter mixed, I was heating up the oven, I opened up the oven to put the brownies in and a spark flew out and the heating cord started on needless to say I didn't get the brownies done. We now have a NEW stove in our apartment today.

Well...that is the blog I started it about 12 hours ago and I have add the pics and put it on the page!


  1. ooh, I think I could use a trip down to FL every season too, ha ha!

  2. hey katrina! cute pix!! are you using the cloth diapers that you blogged about? sounds interesting!!! time goes sooo fast--soon he'll be crawling all over the place....Nick keeps reminding me that next year at this time he will be able to get his temps...time goes by soooo fast!!!! enjoy your weekend!!


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