Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh the funny things...

So this is really about the funny things I have heard my husband say or do in the last couple days. Now things just keep getting funnier it's not just my husband but our cat Edmund. This is NOT a husband bashing but a laughter moment that I would like to share.

Reminder that Rick is a first time father!

~We were talking about when we were going to start Ezekiel on cereal. We have a doctor's appointment after we come back to Florida. So I think we will start that after we talk to the doctor and see what she says. Here I am talking about cereal thinking my husband understood what "baby cereal" is but apparently he does not. Half way into the conversation he said well how do you prepare it with the blender. I was like wait how do you think we prepare cereal. He said make a bowl of cheerios and blend it for him. He then explained that he knew young kids ate cheerios (which makes sense). Then I explained that they have certain baby cereal for our little Ezekiel to have. I think he understands now. :)

~The other funny thing was is that we were laying in bed, Ezekiel was sound sleeping, it was late and Rick was already sleeping. I crawled into bed and I just kind of hurt (ears, throat, head, get the picture) I asked Rick to pray for us (he was still coherent) I told him the prayer request (they were for him to study well for his last exam on Tuesday, for the Z-man to sleep a long time that night, and for me to feel good so I could fall asleep). So he started to pray he prayed for himself, he prayed for Z and then there was nothing for a while. I kept listening for a while. I then asked did you fall asleep? He said I must have, then I gently reminded him to let him know he didn't pray for me. He said that I am so sorry. I could tell he was so tired, but I couldn't help but laugh and say oh...that is going to get blogged!

This is funny but it happened to with our Cat.

~We moved our little Ezekiel from the bassinet to the bottom of the pack-n-play. Our cat was looking at him sleeping...trying to get him from the net. It was really cute (I don't think he understand what was going on) So this afternoon while watching the Ohio State Buckeye game (which they won! Let's Go Bucks!) Z was drifting off in his nap. I went to put him back to bed and I looked in his bed and Edmund is laying right where I would put my little Z. Of course we had to take some pictures.

~Earlier today while I was feeding Z, Edmund decided that he wanted some love too. If you guys know our know he really isn't a "lap" cat. HOWEVER he crawled up on Rick's lap and just sat down on hand forcing him to be petted. It is quite funny. Our cat is turning into a people cat.

~A little later, I can look and see Z sleeping in his spot and I see the cat jump up on the changing table and curled up to go take his nap.

Well I think while Z is still napping I will go ahead and get my fleece stuff out and start finishing my blanket...after all I have to have it done by Monday night so I can take it to Wisconsin when we leave on Tuesday.
Hope you all have a great rest of your weekend!


  1. Your husband sounds like an awesome guy!

  2. Hey katrina! nick started on cereal when he was exactly 1 month old & he slept 12 hours each night from that point on!!!!! ofcourse, i made it really runny, (i held him in my lap and spooned it into his mouth instead of trying to make him suck it out of a bottle), but he loved it and it filled up his little belly. thanks for the good laughs!


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