Friday, November 21, 2008

I have a 3 month old!

It is hard to believe that I have have a 3 month old. Just since I posted my last blog he has started is usually at me. I guess he finds me pretty funny (fully looking) and just plain weird! I am ok with that be honest with you I had a pretty weird father and still laugh at him sometimes (usually he is laughing too).
Well today...Z pretty much wanted to eat a LOT! I think he might be starting to grow again. He just seemed ALWAYS hungry. I can't believe how much this baby ate and he ate for a long period of time each time. Today, Z & I stayed home all day. It felt good to be lazy bones today. I mean I did cook dinner but I didn't go out of my apartment. I should have done more stuff around the house or finish any of my projects but sometimes I just can't get off the wireless internet! Today though I did put pictures INTO to have them up on the walls!
So here are some pictures...of my little 3 month old baby! Oh I love him so much and I keep loving him more and more everyday. I think it is amazing how I can love him as well as his daddy more and more daily. Just when you didn't think it would be at all possible to love any more than you already did...some how God shows you another way that you can.

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