Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh the joys of Mondays?

Today little Z and I went to this pottery place called Glazed Expressions. It is a place where you pick out a piece of pottery (dishes, picture frames, decor, and a lot more), paint it, and then pick it up a week later. Z of course was sleeping when we got there.

I picked out the item, it is a picture frame. I went ahead and started painting it. I chose 2 different greens and a black. I first did the lighter green, then I taped that off and did a darker green, and then a little help Z's foot got black on it and on the frame it went. Of course I have to wait one week until I can see how cool it can really look.

Well pretty soon Z & I will be heading to a friends house to work on another craft well thanks so much for reading stop by often! I am trying to be a good blogger but now my son needs me.

Go Broncos!

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