Sunday, January 18, 2009

Successful Sunday!

Oh...this Sunday was a very nice family day.
Of course there was church. Which celebrated the LAST Sunday in one location and this Wednesday we will be at a new location.
Then there was nap time (me and my son napped) just the same time and apartment not in the same location. I liked taking naps with him when he was little but now that he is on a schedule and he likes naps in his bed or in the car. Me I am neither so napping on me doesn't go very long or very smoothly anymore.
It was a successful family day where we just enjoyed being together. :)
This evening while we were enjoying being a family, we let Ezekiel be free (no diaper!) We had a sheet laying on the floor and bumped up the heat. During that time Z-man of course peed on himself but he also rolled over. He likes to do stuff the hard way around so he rolled from his back to his stomach. Then when he was on his stomach he was "crawling" moved from one side of the blanket to the other side of it. He was using his arms and his legs to pull and push him across the blanket. Of course we don't have any film of it! But I do have some pics of him after the fact. So sorry about the little bottom showing. :)

He was kind of moving so it looks censored already.

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