Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Friday that felt like it never ended...

So last Friday, the 6 year old Adrina didn't have school. We ended up going to the Science Center. The Science Center is a great place that has 2 floors, with 7 rooms (I think). All of the rooms have ways for the kids to explore science which I think is AMAZING! I had fun taking pictures although I was SO tired though.
Pictures that are below...
Adrina & Sienna making bubbles
Sienna saying "all aboard!"
Adrina and I made a rocket and it shot 30 ft.
The girls on TV doing the weather.
We were invited by our good friends to go to a Des Moines Bucs game. We had a lot of fun and Z LOVES to watch sports of any kind. He loved watching the hockey players but he also liked the Zamboni that cleaned the ice between periods. We did leave early because of how long the day was already AND the bench was getting very hard and not very comfortable.
You guessed it...pictures below...
The family at the game (even Z is smiling at the camera)
The puck that flew up during practice and a mini-Zamboni all for memories for Z's 6 month.

Well thanks for looking and take care!!! Have a great rest of your week.

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