Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Well it's Tuesday! As I am sitting here on my computer, Z is having his little nap and the Biggest Loser is on.
I know I usually try to do my Thankful list the same amount of the date...however I still want to blog about our Field Trip that we took on Friday. And thinking about 24 things I am thankful for is usually easy I would rather blog a little bit more and I know I don't have enough energy to do both.
So I am thankful for...
...my Lord; who gives me brand new mercies and grace daily.
...my family and the ability to love them and be loved from them.
...the job that I have and the "family" that they are becoming in my life.
...the ability to create and enjoy the outcome that happens with it.
...the quite time that sometimes I get.
...the friends that I have come in contact with and still talk with.
...my body that is able, working and getting "healthy" daily!
...God's gift to me; his love, his creation, his beauty, and so much more!

Well thank you for reading and there are more post to come!!!

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