Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Weekend...

Me and my Valentines...

Well I will try not to let this come off corny...But I wanted to put up some pictures, a recipe, and some other stuff.This is "Z" is loving his Valentine's Day card he got from Grammy & Gramps...He really LOVED it!
First of all I think that I have figured out what the two little girls names that I nanny for...the 2 year old (almost 3) has very beautiful red hair so I wanted to name her after that. So I thought I would give her the name as Sienna. The 6 year old is always happy and I think that Adrina fits her very well. Both of the names are Italian. Sienna means "reddish brown" and Adrina means happiness. So below is another picture of them with my little "Z". We have lots of fun together and we are planning a field trip this week.Sienna, Adrina & "Z"

Second of all Rick and I were able to spend a Friday night and all of Saturday was very nice of the school not to have an exam on Monday. Rick couldn't wait until Saturday to exchange presents. He wrote a poem and put it on a picture of me and my little "Z" man. He also got me some clothes that we got last weekend; a skirt, shirt and hat. I got him a couple different things; socks (he has holes in a lot of them), some PJ's with hearts on them, Madagascar 2, and a Broncos billfold. On Saturday we took it easy in the morning, we dropped "Z" off at our friends house (thank you Aaron & Heather) and he took a nap there, Rick and I saw the movie New in Town it was so cute and very romantic seeing my favorite Harry Connick Jr. Then we went picked up Z, sent out Valentine's day cards and picked up some groceries for an AWESOME Pizza Casserole. (Which is pictured below) Let me know if you want the recipe, it is also Weight Watcher friendly.Lastly I wanted to let you know that Rick has a written exam on Tuesday morning, as well as a SIM lab (which is a simulation of a real patients need) on Thursday and a SPAL (which is with an actor who has an illness that Rick practices out his "doctor" skills) on Friday. So if you could please pray for him. He really can't wait until this "classroom" year is finally done and over with.
I honestly don't think he really wanted to be kissed by us and have the picture taken.


  1. Love the photos of Z! I'll take the recipe for that pizza dish, it looks great! facebook me :)


  2. oops, looks like I forgot to sign in with my own account. ha ha!

  3. Hello- I found your blog looking for spouses of medical students. Your son is absolutely precious, what a lovely family you have. I would love the recipe for your weight watcher friendly pizza (if you have a chance) marissabianchi at hotmail dot com. Thanks!


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