Monday, February 16, 2009

Oops my bad!

Hey I totally messed up Rick's exam schedule last night.
Rick has an exam on Tuesday (tomorrow) in the morning for his OB/Gyn class.
On Wednesday he has his SIM lab at 1:00 pm.
On Thursday he has his OMM practical at 1:00 pm.
His next exams are until the 26th and he has 2 on that day.

Well while Rick is studying for his exam & Z is taking his little evening nap (then he will wake up, eat his cereal, get washed up, play some and head back to bed). I am enjoying a quite house and going to be getting stuff done. Let me think...I need some organization and more room for items in the kitchen. As Z is getting bigger and eating cereal I need more spots for his stuff. Also with Rick and I both on Weight Watchers we get the 100 cal snack items and we just need more room for that stuff too...all well I have to make do. Now time to post this and get off the computer and get ready to organize! Wish me luck!
Just a little pic of my "Z" man in his dragon blowing fire cloth diapers.

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