Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

So today is Tuesday...and I haven't done this in a while. So I thought...while the house is quite I would type a little. (my things I am thankful for are all Italics in green.
We are on Rick's last Spring Break he is truly given. From here on out he will have to take vacations for them. All well...gotta grow up sometime :) We are in BEAUTIFUL Colorado. For many of sort of know the story. For some you may not. I grew up working in the camping ministry. I thought it would be cool to get another camp life experience after working at Beulah Beach as basically anything. I did a little resume on what was Christian Camping International now it is Christian Camp and Conference Association. I heard back from Camp Redcloud. I had my interview over the phone because after all I was in Ohio and the camp was in Colorado. So they offered me a job as an Outdoor Educator. The job was so different then anything else I have done at Beulah that I couldn't even compare the two camps. I loved and still love both of the camps, the people I have grown to love at both place and still support both camps with my prayers...and God willing (in the future by my gifts.) So I lived out in Colorado for a while before I joined eHarmony. After while I got matched to Rick. We got married at Rocky Mountain National Park in August of 2006. So we like to make a semi yearly trip back there and take pictures (I apologize now because pics are loaded to the computer so I can't have any pics up here :( ) So on our vacation...we went up to our old church in Greeley. Up to Estes Park and RMNP. Tomorrow we are heading to Lake City to visit all my Redcloud family So far the little "Z-Man" has been traveling so well. Hopefully he will keep the stretch alive for the next couple days through the mountains.
Well...I hope that to be getting my pictures up and loaded into the computer maybe by Friday and then maybe I can steal away to a coffee shop and use WI-FI to get them up on here. If I don't get them up here by will be Monday or possibly Tuesday. We will be driving back to Des Moines, IA on Saturday and I might need a couple days to get everything back to "normal" whatever that is.
So...until then have a great day!
We are having great it is time to bed. Good thing with me traveling tomorrow...I might get a nap in.
Have a great day tomorrow and if you could comment me and indulge me in something YOU are Thankful for.


  1. Nice place you choose and you can relax as you want to.

    Good choice.

  2. I am thankful Joel and I found a really cute house to rent!

    Glad you are having a good time!

  3. I am thankful for all of my friends in blogland!!

    I can't wait to see picture! I know it is lovely there!


  4. Well Katrina,

    If you were chasing the storm I might feel better about them!! I decided I should have become a weather girl. Just because I have to know down to the mile marker where the stinking storm is. Not because I want to see if but because I want to hide ;O)

    If I know there isn't a twister in it, sometimes (not often) I can enjoy them!


  5. I think my little nephew Z is getting cuter and cuter by the day. He is adorable. I hope that I get to see him again soon. Kiss the sweet baby boy for Aunt Jen and his cousin Te'a. Love you guys.


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