Friday, April 24, 2009

Knitting Projects

As I wrote in my thankful blog...I had finished "Z's" blue sweater which I love. I thought I would tell a little story about that sweater.
With this sweater there is no sewing the sleeves on or anything which is one of the reasons why I did it. I got the pattern and the yarn while I was pregnant. Seeing that we didn't know what were having I ended up getting yarn that I loved. So I chose this wonderful blue (secretly hoping that the baby would have my eyes and how their eyes would pop out with this color). I got my wish! So I started it and my mom helped me with some intial parts and then I thought I understood the pattern enough to take care of finishing it. I started it and I was thinking it would be a nice thing for around 6 months old. However, either I didn't understand the pattern or I found something else to work on...I just stopped knitting it. Then during a visit with my mom she helped me figure out the pattern. (That was after "Z" was born) So at the knitting club I go to, I talked about this sweater and I decided to start adding stiches to make it bigger. I ended up getting the hang of it and just kept knitting. I took it with us during our Spring Break trip to Colorado and got a LOT done. It was usually right beside me either getting knitted & purled or I was taking a break and taking photos. I made it extra long due to the fact I would really want "Z" to wear it for a while. I didn't really want him to wear it for a short time...after all I made it! If I would have followed the pattern it would have been 2 inches shorter. So now his sleeves are rolled up but I know that he will be able to wear it for a while.
My friend is pregnant, they are not finding out what they are having and I am making them a blanket. A little background is needed for this...I am a huge Ohio State fan and my friend is from Michigan. When we first met I asked her which Michigan team she goes for. She said University of Michigan (Ohio State's arch enemy) I then said alright I guess we will look past that. We don't bring that up in our friendship. So one of my next projects is on the needles already and it's Yellow and Navy's Michigan Wolverine colors. So it works that it's yellow, then yellow & blue, then blue, then yellow & blue and then yellow. It was ok with it being yellow and now that I have added the blue with the feels like I am disowning my Ohio Statehood doing this blanket. BUT I know that the baby will love it (mainly because it's soft and warm) and the family will love it (mainly for the colors) I am thinking for my friend and her family!


  1. how amazing!! I love it!! Do you sell these?? I would love to get one for Chester

  2. Katrina that sweater is just amazing! The most I was able to "handle" knitting was part of a scarf.... I wimped out! You are very talented! If you aren't back on before you trip, have a safe one!



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