Friday, April 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday

So I have noticed after I started Thankful Tuesday that it would just sound better if I changed it to Thursday, but I just wanted to keep it going. I ended up missing like 2 weeks…so I thought now would be a good time to change it. So now it is Thankful Thursday!

I am so very thankful for…

…my dear husband; (Rick) who studies his heart out to become a really good Doctor.

…my adorable 8 month old; “Z” who has the cutest chubby cheeks!

…my parents; who raised me to love God with all my heart.

…my God; the one who created me to be a Woman after His own heart.

…my siblings; who gave me some great memories growing up. family; who have been some of my best friends.

…my church family; who provide comfort, love and fun times.

…my friends from all around the USA and some abroad; who have given me a piece of them…and I to them.

…my film camera; that way I can record the wonders of being me. J

…my new laptop; because the old one was about to break at any moment.

…my health; the ability to take care of my body (by eating right, losing weight and exercising)

…my job; I work for a great family and can take my little one with me!

…the ability to read and write.

…the activities I get to do with my family (such as travel, Iowa Cubs games, movies & other activities)

…the nature around me that way I know how much God loves diversity.

…Spring and new beginnings!

...the ability to create with yarn, I am finished with “Z’s” sweater (photo sometime) and working on a friend’s baby blanket. (photo sometime)

…the ability to laugh and have fun!

…technology that way I can keep in touch with family, friends and even meet new people!

…you, the reader of my blog. Now please let me know what are you thankful for today!

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