Monday, April 20, 2009

Silly Katrina!

So this is Rick, Katrina's husband hacking into her blog to tell you all about a conversation she and I had that I thought was hilarious! She encouraged me to post it on my blog, but since nobody reads my blog, I felt it would be more appropriate on hers.

So we were both reading books, laying in bed. Katrina is reading 'The Tale of Despereaux' because I want to see the movie but am not allowed to until she has read the book. Anyhow, apparently the author of Despereaux divided the novel into several 'books' or parts.

Katrina - "I hate it when there's a bunch of smaller books in a big book!"
Rick - "But that is how the Bible is setup..."
Katrina - (sigh with partial eye roll) "Oh be quiet!"

I love you Katrina! You make me smile!


  1. Ya gotta watch out for those sneaky husbands hijacking your blog! Too cute ;)

  2. he is a sneaky husband who is suppose to be studying for an exam on Wednesday!!!


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