Friday, April 10, 2009

Sweetly Broken

This worship song has grown to be one of my favorites...but today it takes on another meaning.
Take some time please, watch the video and listen to the words.
Sweetly Broken Video

Today I didn't just look at the cross while celebrating Jesus' sacrifice for me I really clung to it. Clung to what the cross means to me - SALVATION. Because of Jesus' blameless life and his graceful death I can have Salvation. Today is Friday...the day that Jesus made his wonderful sacrifice. In 3 days it's Sunday (for those that don't know their days of the week) and it's the day Jesus made his wonderful miracle and ROSE from the dead!
Thank you for reading...stay tuned this weekend. I will be posting pics up of the little "Z-Man." Hopefully...if my time and the "Z-Man" lets me do anything. These past 3-4 nights and 4-5 days have been very exhausting! Please pray that our family will get decent sleep.

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  1. I didn't know the name of that song. I love it! Thanks for your post Katrina! Keep it real and keep lookin' up!


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