Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wacky Wednesday!

Today was such a good day! Except the part about waking up so early to get everything done. So Adrina (the 6 year old I nanny for) had a short day at school so I planned earlier this week that we would take a field trip to the Zoo. So we (Sienna, the 3 year old; "Z" and myself) went to pick her up from school. We headed over to McDonald's (they have a GREAT special with Wednesdays and the kids meals $2) So we ate them in the car and we were heading to the Zoo. I told them this is where we turn to go to there house. Sienna said from the back seat..."what we aren't going home?" I replied "no, we are going to the Zoo, did you forget that?" Sienna "oh my I totally forgot that!" Adrina & I were chuckling in the front seat for a while.
We ended up meeting my friend with her 2 adorable boys at the Zoo. Check out her blog here...she is super crafty. Pictures...will follow (I just use film so it takes longer to put pics up) Her boy was totally in love with Adrina!
After the Zoo we had to check out the store (of course!) While they were waiting for us to be done, My friend told me that her little one was asking about his new best, best, best friend. We ended up going to the park about 3 -5 min drive time. On the way there "Z-man" fell asleep...I mean he was in the car for 7 min! He had so much fun at the zoo; smiling, laughing, looking at the animals and talking up a storm. He must have been really tired. While we were driving there Adrina was telling me that she liked my friend and her kids and that we should do stuff with them more often.
As I was getting out of the car I left my keys in the car. I head to the back of the car to get the snack. Adrina came out and while she was coming out of the car, she accidentally locked the car. There was Sienna and "Z" in the back of the car. Here I am talking loudly to Sienna and explaining how to get the car unlocked. Luckily we had a way to get in the car and for me to get my keys. We first sat at the park and had our snack. Adrina went rolling down the hill and then played at the park. Then a little while later she came running up the hill and she said "Guess what Katrina, I asked him if he liked me and he said that he loved me." Me and my friend were laughing so long. Then we talked about how caring for Girls are different then Boys.
So it was a FUN was long but it was good. I am sure that the pictures will be great! When I get them...I will put them on!
Dear friend...thanks for going to the Zoo with us. We would like to again and when you are going next contact me! It will be a play date!

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