Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

Today is the day where I vocalize my thankfulness.
It helps me remember the simple things that happens during the week that remind me to be rejoice.
As I write, I am a little distracted because the Chicago Cubs are playing on the TV. It doesn't look good...bottom of the 9th, no outs, 2 men on and tied at 2.
I am thankful for...
(in no particular order)
~ Baseball Season (more specifically the Chicago Cubs & also the AAA team of the Cubs right here in Des Moines...The Iowa Cubs)
~ Taking photos
~ Field trips (we are taking one tomorrow to the Zoo)
~ A God that provides all of my needs...He is my Jehovah Jireh!
~ The ability to take a little mini-vacation to see my parents and sister in the end of April.
~ The tooth that Z just got...that shows me how big he is and much he has grown. (So far he has NOT bitten me yet!)
~ A wonderful husband, my best friend who is working very hard in Medical School (even though it looks like he will be going to Lake City, Colorado in October and Deltona, Florida in January for rotations...and Z & I are going to be working here!) All well such is life!
~ Thankful for my extended family and friends that I have met all over the world as well in blogland!
For all those that need to know...The Cubs game has gone into extra innings.
Come Go Cubs Go!
Rocky Mountain National Park -- the view at were we got married. Sorry no baseball pictures yet.

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