Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend, my little family enjoyed it's first camping trip. Before I tell you about the weekend and share photos...
I would like to...
THANK those who have served this country to have given us freedom. I personally want to thank my brother, David who serves in the US Army, is a gunner in a tank! (before I just said he was in a tank...sometimes I can't remember what he does, I just know that I am proud of him!) I know there are more people out there that serve our country (not just the present but the past too) not even just those people but those families that have sacrificed the person that they love for the cause of Freedom.
We had a great time! We went with 3 other families from our church. There were a total of 6 kids there all the time and then we had some people come for a visit on Sunday and another family came down on Sunday night which added to the kid count. "Z" was the youngest and LOVED being outside. Our little nature boy made it easy to stay the entire time. We are going to start adding to our camping gear. Actually we are currently looking at going camping again for Labor Day Weekend.
Now here are some photos...
Rick & "Z" at the campfire the first morning.
Rick & "Z" at the nearby Lake
Our Family at the Lake

"Z" swimming
"Z" getting ready for his nap
Our tent
"Z" enjoying being outside in his Camp Redcloud shirt

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  1. Oh my goodness what fun!! And Little Z looks like he had a blast too!!


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