Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So...I was cleaning the CD's that we have. We have rearranged the front area of the apartment to create more floor space for the exploring that will happen by little "Z". I ran into a CD that was labeled Rick's Childhood Pictures. I couldn't help myself but take a break in cleaning and look at these pictures. During the time Rick was taking a nap (now he doesn't nap often so I had to let him sleep) and Z was taking a nap as well. They were just of Rick during vacations and some different pictures. I ran across a Rapp generational picture, it had Rick as a 5 month old, Rick's dad (Tom), Rick's grandfather (Bill) and Rick's great-grandfather (Opa). It was so funny...It looked like I was looking at another little boy that I know. Alright...let me put them on here and you decide. I believe that we miss named our dear little "Z" we should have named him Junior or Rick the 2nd. But oh how "Z" fits him so well.
This is Rick at 5 months...
This is "Z" at 5 months old...
So I will have a good looking son in the next couple years. YEAH! There is one thing that he got from his mom (that's me) he has my color eyes. Double YEAH! I guess I am partly glad that he doesn't look like me...I didn't really want a "girly" looking strapping son. :)
Well thanks for looking and comments are always appreciated it makes me feel like people actually read my blog :)


  1. Wow, does this mean that when people say Z is the cutest little baby I can take it as a compliment of my cuteness?

  2. That's pretty cool! so fun to look and compare like that. he does look like his dad's baby photo. I do still see you in him though too. maybe it's his eyes, like you said. he is a good looking little guy!

  3. Z definitely takes after your husband - its so neat to look at the pictures side by side!

  4. Oh I just love looking at pictures and trying to figure out who a little one looks like. I would say that "Z" looks very much like his daddy!!

    My little girl looks like my mom at that age. Twinkies, only my mom had very short bangs ;O) And I look like my mom's mom?! I don't get it, but I LOVE IT!!


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