Monday, June 1, 2009

"Z's" 1st time Bowling...

Well we had a great day today. The worship at church was simply wonderful. Rick played guitar and he was really rockin' so that was fun to watch. "Z" almost stayed in the Nursery the entire time. (A couple of things kept him from staying happy; tired, teething, and hungry)
After church we had a great time of fellowship at a bowling alley. Thus getting to the title of the post.
We bowled 2 games...Rick & I got both a 141 game...his the 1st and mine the 2nd. Although if you add up both games I beat him with 20 pins to spare. But the real reason why you looked at the blog. CUTE PICTURES OF "Z"!!!

"Z" using the ramp to help him bowl.

"Z" actually pushed the ball

"Z" & Daddy looking at the ball.

"Z" watching Mommy bowl. (I had a GREAT game!)

"Z" watching Daddy bowl.

Well thanks for taking a look. We have until Friday to get the house straight and in order, bags packed because we are leaving on a jet plane. To go to Florida then drive up to North Carolina for my extended family vacation. First time Rick will be in North Carolina and experience a Stephens' family vacation. It should be interesting. :)

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