Friday, June 5, 2009

Break Time...

It's time for a break...
Oh don't worry not from's my way of talking to grown ups without actually talking.
It's time for a packing and cleaning break. My family will be heading down to Florida (flying today) to drive up to North Carolina tomorrow (Saturday).
My grandparents are celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary in July and got 4 rental houses and pretty much ALL my extended family will be meeting at Nags Head, North Carolina. The total amount of people coming are 45!!! It will be in exciting time because my parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters (and us) will all be in a house. We haven't seen everybody since Christmas. And Z has grown up so much since then! We will be there for an entire week! Then we have some time at my parents house before we fly back to Iowa.
I am sure that I will be able to update here...with pictures for all my blogging friends.
Before I leave I thought I would put some pictures of the little "Z" for your viewing pleasure.
"Z" napping after his bowling fun on Sunday.

Watch out the next great b-ball player..."Z" Rapp!
"Z" doing his moving to get the toy at church

Have an enjoyable Friday, Weekend and the next week if I don't get back to you before than. :)
Also...I am thinking about a blog name change...I came up with it last night but still need to think it through.

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