Friday, July 10, 2009

It's been crazy here.

That is why it's been so long. Let's see here...I'll give you all a quick summary.

I was "let go" from my job as a nanny. (The dad was working in Florida and having a lot of dizzy spells) I do miss those girls though. This past week was the first week I wasn't working. It feels weird but the timing really couldn't be more God sent. We signed a lease for a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom condo and we are in the process of painting ALL the walls and starting the move in process. So without a job I can focus on that. My last week of work I was working and then painting in the evenings I can't believe I didn't fall over in exhaustion.

As of right now, Friday morning, we have 1 more coat of paint to put in our bathroom. We are working on making our own "Rapp" masterpiece in our bedroom. Artwork right on the wall because we didn't want to buy a new picture and frame. Plus we wanted to be creative. We started that yesterday and I am pretty excited to get the next steps started and see the finish product. I will give you a photo tour when we are all moved in and ready to go. If you are in the area and like to help move we are moving on Tuesday evening. But we will be packing all that day. Mainly I would like the big items moved and possibly anything else I have packed. Oh the joys of moving...

Our little family did go to Chicago over the 4th of July weekend. We stayed in a hotel Friday night...we walked down to Navy Pier (got to see some fireworks) then we went back to the hotel, slept well, ate breakfast and got ready for the Chicago Cubs game on Saturday. We got all decked out in our Cubs gear and stood in line early. It was our first time going to a Cubs game and we got bleacher tickets. "Z" was the hit of the section. Not so much the Cubs (because they lost) but it was a fun experience and we are hoping to do it yearly now.

Rick took his first step of Boards on June 23rd (I think) and he still has another month before he finds out how he did. Every now and then the nervous/worried looks come but they don't stay for long. For him this being time off has been good for his mind to recollect itself and focus not on school but on God and his family. I have also like him home more because I have done more things with my family and was able to leave "Z" with Rick knowing I would be home in a little bit.

I have also been knitting...I am done knitting Baby Blueberry's Michigan color baby blanket. Of course I had a brilliant idea (that my friend Christia helped me) of putting my initials in the blanket in SCARLET & GREY!!!

Sorry there are no pics right now "Z" totally lost it and thinks life is ending!!! But I hope to be back a little bit later.

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  1. Hope your move and all the painting goes smoothly. I also hope Rick enjoys third year - its a busy one but kind of exciting to see them get to work with real patients and find their specialty!


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