Thursday, July 23, 2009

SO much to say...not enough internet to say it all!

SO! We have moved from our Apartment to a Condo on the South side of Des Moines.
We don't have internet set up there so...we either go to Applebee's parking lot or a mall nearby that has free wi-fi. As I write this post...I am sitting in the parking lot by the food court at the mall, Rick is beside me with his computer and Z is sleeping in his seat in the back seat.
Oh the things I do for technology. :)
A couple things I wanted to write.
~Rick's parents came for a short visit last weekend and we had fun. Went to the Farmer's Market, Picnic in the park & I-Cubs game (picture below). "Z" enjoyed his grandparents very much.
~Rick also got his test score back from step one of Boards...and he PASSED! (I totally knew he would do great...but he had little faith in himself)
~I am still without a job but during this week I have had the ability to nanny for the little girls. Oh how much fun I have with them! If you could PLEASE pray for a job for me that would be great! Either something would happen where I can get the job back with the girls OR I would find another great family that needs my nanny help.
~I got done with baby Blueberry's blanket a while ago and that is a good thing because Blueberry is a little boy and he is over a week old. I did have to put my initials in with Scarlet & Grey yarn though. ;) (picture below)
~I am going to be putting together a virtual tour for you readers of the new condo...HOWEVER you will have to wait (because I have low battery life right now & I would not like to be sitting in the car doing it)
~"Z" has also been doing well adjusting to the new place and almost sleeping through the night. Meaning in the past 3 night he has slept all the way through 1 time and the other 2 he has been using himself to fall back to sleep. It's one of the hardest things I have had to do. But well worth it. As well as getting so big. He is 11 months, doing the army crawl and wanting to stand up on EVERYTHING!!! (picture below...he was almost 11 months here)


  1. What a big boy "Z" is becoming!!! Blessings to you in your newest home!

  2. I love the blanket. Great job Katrina! I am for sure praying for a job for you. (I am in the same boat...) So you can trust that it is not a prayer I wont forget. I am looking forward to your virtual tour. John and I are looking for houses. The one we thought we were going to get will end up costing more money in the end so now we are back to the drawing board =( I will facebook message you my address & give me your new one! Miss you bunches.
    Love Jenn


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