Friday, September 25, 2009

2 Rotations down...

So Rick has done 2 Rotations; OB/GYN and Family Practice. He is actually in the car right now to go to Colorado. He is going to be to with the Lake City Medical Clinic for 4 weeks. "Z" and I will be driving to Omaha then flying to Denver in 3 weeks (22 days) and then driving back with Rick. We are so excited to do that!
Here are some pictures of...
Rick with "Z"
Rick driving away
Watching Rick/Daddy drive away
"Z" reading one of his books this afternoon

Thanks for reading...have a great weekend. I will be going to a park and taking pictures with my little boy..."Z" So stay tuned for the next 22 days...a new picture for my best friend (that's you Rick) all the way out in Colorado.

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